The quality of iHam products

Keys to produce the best Iberian products.

Impressing with a high-quality Acorn-Fed Ham is something relatively easy, which the vast majority of producers in the industry can easly do.


The real challenge, which in our case it has become an obsession, is to achieve the highest level of consistency. Few things make us more desperate than feeling cheated when certain products or services that we consider reliable fail us in the most unexpected way, sometimes even giving us a hard time.


In the case of Iberian products, the formula is very complex but at the same time quite simple:

  • Absolute control of the raw material: we only work with pigs of 100% and 75% Iberian breed.
  • Unbeatable animal welfare: our pigs are raised in the best pastures in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla, Sierra de Huelva, Extremadura, and even in the province of Salamanca itself (where pastures are not abundant).
  • The best feeding:


  • Our Acorn-fed products come from pigs that are not only fattened on the basis of acorns, grasses and other products that they find naturally in the dehesa and that help them digest the acorns during the montanera, but also during the rest of their lives and, very especially during the summer, they are prepared for the montanera with the best natural cereals on the market, this being one of the many typical taboos in this sector. Or can anyone really believe that Iberian pigs can feed on pasture in the middle of July or August at 38º in the north of Seville or in Extremadura?.


  • Our Cebo de Campo products come from pigs that have enjoyed exactly the same well-being but have not been lucky enough to fatten naturally and entirely on acorns during the montanera season. In our case, these pigs are usually slaughtered a few months later, that is, during the spring. iHam is one of the very few brands in the sector that offers a range of 75% Iberian Cebo de Campo products of the highest quality, especially if we compare them with products with a much more industrial approach, such as those of 50% Iberian Cebo.


  • The best climatic conditions for the elaboration and curing process of iHam products:
    • Our iHam products are made in one of the most emblematic areas in the production of this type of product: Guijuelo, which is located between the Sierra de Francia and Sierra de Gredos, in the province of Salamanca.


  • At more than 1,100 meters above sea level, it has a cold, dry climate with a uniform temperature, which offers fantastic climatic conditions for the natural curing of this type of product, giving it a softer style than that of processed products in areas further south.


If we add to all these factors the care and attention of our teams when slicing the products, both with a knife and by machine, and their packaging with the most sustainable materials, which also maintain the quality of the product in an incredible way without smells or flavors of plastic, we find a range of products ideal for recurring consumption. That’s why iHam is designed for repeat offenders.

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