How to open an iHam pack

You will have to decide which school you are from.

Like the eternal debate about the Spanish omelette with or without onion, when it comes to opening a pack of vacuum-packed ham or sausage, like our iHam, you should know that there are two great schools.




This is definitely ours.

In our case, it doesn’t matter if our event was scheduled days ago or if, on the contrary, we are improvising. This is a very particular method and has to be done very well.

This method consists of removing the envelope from the refrigerator and, before opening it with scissors or a knife, showering it for about 30-40 seconds with warm water (not too hot), so that we give a temperature shock to the product.

Once shower is finished, we open the pack, take out the tray with the product, pour the product onto the plate and, if we have done it right, the slices will be at room temperature and beginning to sweat, which is exactly what we are looking for.

It is then time to finish the job, making sure that we place the slices on the plate with our clean hands or with bamboo tongs, improving the presentation so that it is impeccable. This last touch is, by the way, much easier to do with portions of 50 grams than, for example, 100 grams.


To this strange school belong those who seem to have time and are not worried about waiting 45 minutes for the product to reach the right temperature and start sweating.

Following the method of parsimony, the mechanics are very simple. The pack is removed from the refrigerator and opened, the tray with the product is removed, the product is poured onto a plate and left to rest at room temperature for about 40-50 minutes (depending on the room temperature) until the product starts to heat up, and the fat begins to sweat.

Even the followers of this very traditional current, optionally, we recommend that once the product reaches the correct temperature and in the same way that we impatient people have done, they finish the job by placing the slices on the plate to improve the presentation.

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