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  • Product and packaging characteristics:
    • Is the fat in the ham any good?
      • The fat you find in Acorn Fed Ham (and also in Acorn Fed Iberian Shoulder and Loin) is an unsaturated fat with several important health benefits, thanks to its high oleic acid content, which helps increase the level of HDL cholesterol ( “good” cholesterol) and lowers LDL (“bad” cholesterol).
      • Thus, a moderate consumption of Acorn Fed Ham contributes to keep adequate cholesterol levels, which helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases.
      • Finally, Acorn Fed Ham provides vitamins such as B1 and B12, and minerals such as iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium or magnesium.
    • Does ham get you fat
      • Acorn Fed Ham or even Cebo de Campo Ham, like many other products, gets you fat when consumed in large quantities or combined with large quantities of, for example, bread. However, consumed in a reasonable way and as part of a healthy diet, it is not only perfectly healthy but even recommended for the many benefits it provides.
    • Are iHam packaging materials recyclable? In which container should I throw them?
      • The cardboard box is made from 100% recycled kraft paper. Although we recommend its reuse, if it is thrown away, it must be deposited in the blue container for paper and cardboard for later recycling (the waste deposited in the blue containers is used to manufacture paper or cardboard again).
      • iHam packs have a 42% reduction in plastic compared to traditional vacuum bags and also, by using a very low micron salinized polyester, it generates a lower impact on the environment. This material is completely harmless and does not alter the flavor or aroma of the product. As for recycling, the pack must go to the yellow container.
      • As for the sheet on which the iHam products are presented inside the pack, it is manufactured without incorporated additives, plastics or waxes, which makes it totally sustainable. It has a minimal environmental impact, is completely harmless and does not alter the taste or aroma of the product (unlike other waxed plastic sheets). The sheet should be thrown into the compost bin, as it is completely bio-compostable.
    • What should I buy, shoulder or ham?
      • As with other types of products in certain circles, the discussion about ham or shoulder can end in real tragedies.
      • Our recommendation is that you let yourself be carried away by your palate and decide for yourself if you prefer a softer product with a sweeter point, such as ham, or with a slightly more powerful flavor and sometimes with a slight point of salt, such as shoulder.
    • What is the difference between lomito and loin?
      • The loin, also known as “caña de lomo” or “lomo embuchado”, is a sausage that is made from the loin of the Iberian pig. In the case of iHam, Acorn Fed 100% Iberico Loin. The loin is wrapped in natural casing, seasoned with paprika and natural spices, and goes through different phases of maturation and drying.
      • The lomito or cured presa is a little-known sausage but with a very refined flavor. It is made with presa meat that is dried and matured, without letting its fat be removed.
    • I have opened a pack of ham and there are some white dots. What are they?
      • The little white dots that sometimes appear on slices of ham, generally Acorn Fed, are traces of a crystallized amino acid called tyrosine, and they appear in products that have undergone a long curing process, but it is also easy to find them in products such as Parmesan cheese with more than 24 months curing.
      • Thus, and contrary to what many think, they are perfectly edible and, although they are not a specific sign of quality, they do denote that the product has undergone a long and careful curing process.
    • What is an iHam Cebo de Campo 75% Iberico Ham or Shoulder?
      • Cebo de Campo 75% Iberico Ham and Shoulder come from pigs that live freely in the dehesa, are 75% Iberico breed (100% Iberico mother and 50% crossbred father), feed on all natural resources and fatten up with the best natural cereals, generally during the spring.
    • In which area are iHam products produced?
      • Our iHam products are made in one of the most emblematic areas for the production of this type of product: Guijuelo, which is located between the Sierra de Francia and Sierra de Gredos, in the province of Salamanca.
      • At more than 1,100 meters above sea level, it has a cold, dry and uniform temperature climate, which offers fantastic weather conditions for the natural curing of this kind of products.
  • Product consumption:
    • How should I open my iHam pack and serve the product on the plate?
      • Our recommendation is to take the pack out of the fridge and, before opening it, leave it for 30-40 seconds in warm water to give the product a quick burst of heat, which should not be excessive. Immediately afterwards, the pack can be opened, the sheet or tray with the product removed, dumped onto the plate and, with clean hands or tweezers, carefully place the slices on the plate. If we have carried out this temperature shock correctly, the product should be at room temperature and with the fat sweating, the first symptom of the high quality of the product.
      • The other traditional way of tempering the product is to take the pack out of the fridge, open it immediately and leave it at room temperature so that it reaches that temperature and begins to sweat in approximately 30-40 minutes.
    • Can I open a pack and consume a little of the product, close the it and consume the rest a few days later?
      • You can do it and our packs also have a closing system that allows you to close the pack again to finish off whenever you want. Having said this, we recommend that you consume what remains of the product within 24 hours, since the second closure is no longer vacuum-sealed.
    • How long do my iHam packs last in the fridge before they lose their properties and stop being so tasty?
      • All our iHam products have a one year best before, although we recommend consuming them within the first 6 months to enjoy them to the fullest.
  • Product preservation:
    • Where do I keep my iHam packs? In the fridge? On the label it says “cool and dry place”.
      • Although the label indicates “keep in a cool and dry place”, our recommendation for the best conservation of iHam products is in the refrigerator, that is, at an approximate temperature between 4ºC and 6ºC.
    • How long can I keep my iHam packets in the fridge?
      • All our iHam products have a one year best before, although we recommend consuming them within the first 6 months to enjoy them to the fullest.
  • My personal area:
    • I have forgotten my password, how can I recover it?
      • You just have to click on your personal area and on the icon “have you forgotten my password?”
    • What advantages do I have if I become an iHam subscriber? Are the products cheaper?
      • Our subscribers are the spoiled children of the family. Not only do they enjoy the best prices, but we also give them the cost of shipping, apart from other surprises that they will discover over time.
  • My subscriptions:
    • How can I cancel my subscription?
      • Of course you can, you just have to enter your personal/subscriptions area and follow the instructions in the “unsubscribe” tab.
    • How can I change – increase – pause my subscription?
      • You just have to enter your personal/subscriptions area and follow the instructions in the “increase or pause subscription” tab.
    • What do I do with my subscription if I go away from my usual home?
      • If you want, you can pause your subscription in your personal area/subscriptions, until you return from vacation.
      • In any case, every year during the month of July we will send you an email in case you want to change the shipping address, so that we can send your order to the address where you enjoy your holidays, as long as it is on the Iberian Peninsula or the Balearic Islands.
    • ¿Puedo cambiar mi dirección de entrega cuando quiera? Por ejemplo, cuando estoy de vacaciones.
      • Por supuesto, solo tienes que entrar en tu área personal y seguir editar tu dirección en “datos personales”.
    • Can I pause my subscription temporarily?
      • Of course, you just have to enter your personal/subscriptions area and follow the instructions in the “pause subscription” tab.
  • My deliveries:
    • How can I know when my order will be delivered?
      • For orders placed before 4:00 p.m., deliveries are made in 24 hours in the Peninsula (48 hours in the Balearic Islands).
      • If you place your order after 4:00 p.m. you will receive it in 48h.
      • For any questions about your order, we have a WhatsApp direct line at your disposal (you just have to click on the icon), a phone number to call (670 46 92 33) or this email address to write to:
    • I live in the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, can I place orders on iHam?
      • Unfortunately we do not ship to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, due to the high shipping costs and extras derived from the complicated customs procedures.
      • If this situation were to change in the future, we would of course inform all our customers.
    • I live in the Balearic Islands, can I place orders on iHam?
      • Of course, shipments to the Balearic Islands are made in 48 hours.
    • I live in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom, can I order on our website?
      • Unfortunately it is not possible to make online sales with shipments to the USA, Canada or the United Kingdom of food products such as iHam.
  • My payments:
    • Can I have an invoice with my order?
      • When you are finalizing your purchase, in the Billing Details area, you will see an area below called Order Notes. In this field, please send us all the data to be able to prepare your invoice: full name, full address, CIF, and also the number and date of the order.
      • If you have forgotten to fill in this field, you can always send us an email with the same information, claiming your invoice, to this email address:

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